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Small Trees

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Latin Name                                    Common Name
Acer buergerianum*                             Trident Maple                         
Acer circinatum                                     Vine Maple                             
Acer ginnala*                                       Amur Maple                           
Acer griseum*                                      Paperbark Maple                     
Acer henryi                                          Henry Maple                           
Acer japonicum                                    Fullmoon Maple                     
Acer palmatum                                    Japanese Maple                      
Acer platanoides ‘Globosum’               Globe Norway Maple             
Acer tataricum                                    Tatarian Maple            
Acer xPacific Sunset’                         Pacific Sunset Maple              
Albizia julibrissin                                  Silktree                                   
Catalpa bungei*                                 Globe Catalpa                         
Cercis canadensis                               Eastern Redbud                      
Cercis chinensis                                  Chinese Redbud                                 
Cercis occidentalis                              Western Redbud
Chionanthus retusus                          Chinese Fringetree
Chionanthus virginicus                        Fringetree
Cladrastis kentukea                             Yellowood
Cornus florida                                      Eastern Dogwood                   
Cornus kousa                                       Kousa Dogwood                     
Cornus mas                                          Cornellian Cherry Dogwood   
Cornus x rutgersensis                          Rutgers Hybrid Dogwood       
Crataegus spp.*                                  Hawthorn                                
Franklinia alatamaha                            Franklinia                               
Fraxinus excelsior*                              Golden Desert Ash
Fraxinus penn. ‘Leprechaun’*              Leprechaun Ash                     
Laburnum x watereri ‘Vossii’                 Vossii Goldenchain
Lagerstroemia spp.                               Crape Myrtle               
Magnolia spp.                                        Magnolia                                 
Malus spp.*                                           Flower Crapapple
Prunus spp.*                                         Flowering Plum
Prunus spp.*                                         Flowering Cherry
Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Torulosa’           Contorted Black Locust
Stewartia spp.                                      Stewartia
Styrax japonica*                                  Japanese Snowbell
Styrax obassia *                                  Fragrant Snowbell
Syringa reticulata*                              Japanese Tree Lilac









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Garland Handout:

Small Trees

December 19, 2009

The trees on this list grow to be 30 feet or less at maturity.  Most of these trees are appropriate for small spaces and urban landscapes.  Trees with an asterisk (*) are suitable for planting under power lines.  Please check with your power company before planting any tree under your power lines.