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Six modern rose classes:

Hybrid Teas: The most popular type of rose. Long, narrow, high-center buds borne on long stems. They produce beautiful blooms with characteristic reflexed petals. Plants may grow 5 feet tall. The first hybrid tea rose is thought to be 'La France' raised by Guillot in 1867.

Floribundas: The modern cluster-flowered rose with no bloom bigger than another. Robust and thriving even in more rugged circumstances. Good for mass plantings or colorful borders as they provide mass color over a long season. Plants grow 2-4 feet.

Grandifloras: A result of crossing hybrid tea and floribunda roses. Grandifloras produce clusters of flowers, generally on shorter stems than hybrid teas. Medium-sized, well-formed blooms on long stems. They usually grow 4-6 feet tall with high-centered flowers.

Miniatures: This species was discovered at the turn of the century. Selective hybridizing has produced plants of varied sizes with perfectly shaped miniature blooms and foliage to match.

Climbers: The climbing rose is defined as a plant with growth that has potential to cover walls and fences. The plant structure is strong and upright, so it will not sprawl. Plants may grow 4 to 12 feet tall. Many climbers are natural sports of other roses such as 'Climbing Iceberg'.

Landscape or Shrub: Shrub roses are among the most important roses for the landscape and are hardy and easy to grow. They are available in single, semi-double, or double blooms in all colors. Plants range in size from groundcovers to giants over 12 tall.

In addition to these six modern classifications , there are other types of roses including English and Antique roses to name a few.

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