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Ornamental Spray Guide

Many insect and disease problems that affect the trees and shrubs in the Willamette Valley can be minimized by proper garden maintenance. A well cared for plant, in healthy soil, is able to resist much of the potential insect or disease problems. Drought stress, for example, may weaken a plant's defenses against attack of a fungal or bacterial disease.

The clean up of leaves, fallen fruit, flowers, and weeds is essential to insect and disease control.

When it does become necessary to spray a plant for a specific disease or insect. Properly timed applications of dormant spray or copper sprays (example: Microcop) can reduce many pest problems. Occasionally, treatments during the growing season are necessary for effective control of a pest or disease.

Before using any products listed, READ THE LABEL carefully. Use only the amount specified. Overdoses do not increaseeffectiveness and often burn the plant. Alternate types of pesticides so immunity to one chemical does not develop.




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Powdery Mildew on Horsechestnut

Leaf Spot on Iris







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