Hummingbird Plants



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Hummingbird Plants

Click here for printable pdf

Latin Name                Common Name
Aesculus                      Horsechestnut
Albizia                         Silk tree
Eucalyptus                   Eucalyptus
Liriodendron               Tulip tree

Latin Name                Common Name
Abelia                          Glossy Abelia
Abutilon                       Flowering Maple
Arctostaphylos             Manzanita
Buddleia                      Butterfly bush
Callistemon                  Bottlebrush
Camellia                      Camellia
Chaenomeles               Flowering Quince
Deutzia                                    Deutzia
Erica                            Heath
Hibiscus                       Rose of Sharon
Kolkwitzia                    Beauty Bush
Leycesteria                  Himalayan Honeysuckle
Punica                         Pomegranate   
Ribes                            Flowering Currant
Rosemarinus                Rosemary
Syringa                                    Lilac
Weigela                        Weigela


Latin Name                Common Name
Cuphea                                    Cuphea
Impatiens                     Impatiens
Ipomoea                      Morning Glory
Lantana                       Lantana           
Mirabilis                      Four O’Clock
Nicotiana                     Nicotiana
Petunia                                    Petunia
Phlox                           Annual Phlox
Salvia                          Scarlet Sage
Tropaeolum                 Nasturtium

Latin Name                Common Name
Agastache                    Hyssop
Alcea                           Hollyhock
Alstroemeria                Peruvian Lily
Aquilegia                     Columbine
Crocosmia                   Crocosmia
Delphinium                  Delphinium
Dianthus                      Sweet William 
Digitalis                       Foxglove
Fuchsia                                    Fuchsia
Gladiolus                     Gladioulus
Hemerocallis               Daylily


Perennials cont'd
Latin Name                Common Name

Heuchera                     Coral Bells
Hibiscus                       Perennial Hibiscus
Hosta                           Plantain Lily
Kniphofia                     Red-hot poker
Lobelia                                    Cardinal Flower
Lupinus                                    Lupine
Lychnis                                    Maltese Cross
Mimulus                       Monkey Flower
Monarda                     Bee Balm
Nepeta                         Catming
Oenothera                   Evening Primrose
Penstemon                   Beard Tongue
Phlox                           Summer Phlox
Phygelius                     Cape Fuchsia
Salvia                          Salvia
Sidalcea                       Checkerbloom
Veronica                      Speedwell
Zauschneria                 California Fuchsia

Latin Name                Common Name
Campsis                       Trumpet vine
Jasminum                    Jasmine
Lonicera                      Honeysuckle








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Garland Handout:

Hummingbird Plants

It is important to provide a nectar source for hummingbirds from early spring through the first frost.  Most flowering plants will attract hummingbirds, but they are most attracted to tubular, red flowers. Hummingbirds also need places to nest and perch and a water source such as a sprinkler.