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Fragrant Plants


Click here for printable pdf

Latin Name                             Common Name
Albizia julibrissin                     Silktree
Cladrastis kentukea                 Yellowood
Magnolia spp.                         Magnolia
Paulownia tomentosa              Empress Tree
Styrax japonica                                   Japanese Snowbell
Styrax obassia                         Fragrant Snowbell
Tilia spp.                                  Linden

Latin Name                             Common Name
Abeliophyllum                          White Forsythia
Calycanthus                             Carolina Spicebush
Carpenteria                             Bush Anemone
Choisya                                   Mexican Orange
Clerodendrum                         Glorybower
Clethra                                                Summersweet
Daphne spp.                            Daphne
Eleagnus sp.                            Silveryberry
Gardenia                                 Gardenia
Hamamelis                               Witch hazel
Mahonia                                  Oregon Grape
Osmanthus                               Osmanthus
Philadelphus                            Mock Orange
Rhododendron                                     Exbury Azalea
Rosa                                        Roses
Sarcococca                              Sweet Box
Syringa                                                Lilac
Viburnum bodnatense              Dawn Viburnum
Viburnum x burkwoodii                       Viburnum

Viburnum carlesii                    Korean Spice


Latin Name                             Common Name
Clematis - some                                   Clematis
Gelsemium                               Carolina Jessamine
Jasminum                                Jasmine
Lonicera spp.                           Honeysuckle
Trachelospermum                    Star Jasmine
Wisteria                                   Wisteria

Latin Name                             Common Name
Actaea                                     Bugbane
Agastache                                Hyssop
Alstroemeria                            Peruvian Lily
Centranthus                             Jupiter’s Beard
Dianthus                                  Pinks
                                                Sweet Williams
Echinacea – some                   Echinacea
Erysimum                                 Wallflowers
Hemerocallis – some               Daylily
Hesperis                                  Sweet Rocket
Hosta – some                           Hosta
Iris – some                               Iris
Oenothera                               Evening Primrose
Paeonia – some                                   Peony
Phlox paniculata                     Garden Phlox
Primula – some                                   Primrose
Romneya                                  Matilija Poppy
Viola odorata                          Sweet Violet



Latin Name                             Common Name
Acidanthera                             Gladiolus
Convallaria                             Lily of the Valley
Narcissus                                 Daffodils
Hyacinthus                              Hyacinth
Lilium                                      Lily
Tulips – some                          Tulips

Latin Name                             Common Name
Brugmansia                             Angel’s Trumpet
Cosmos                                                Chocolate Cosmos
Heliotropium                           Heliotrope
Ipomoea alba                          Moonflower
Lathyrus odoratus                   Sweet Pea
Lobularia maritime                  Sweet Alyssum
Matthiola                                 Stock
Nicotiana                                 Flowering Tobacco
Pelargonium                            Scented Geranium









*These plants will not tolerate heavy clay soils that are water-saturated in the winter. ** These plants are marginally hardy for the Northwest. They will freeze out some years







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Garland Handout:

Fragrant Plants

Scents evoke memories from places and people in our past.  Some scents smell clean and fresh while others are rich and spicy. Fragrant plants should be planted where you can appreciate and enjoy the fragrance – seating areas, along paths, or by doorway or window. Fragrance can be enjoyed in your garden throughout the year by creating seasonally changing sequences of scents.