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New in 2016

Organic Based and




Espoma is a wonderful line of fertilizers. The company has over 75 years of organic plant food experience.

Holly-tone® 4-3-4

  • Formulated for acid-loving plants: Hollies, Azaleas, Dogwoods, Evergreens, and Rhododendrons.
  • Used by professionals everywhere.
  • In 4, 8, 20 and 40 lb. bags

Plant-tone® 5-3-3

  • An all natural, all purpose premium blend.
  • Excellent starter plant food.
  • In 4, 8, 20 and 40 lb. bags

Bulb-tone® 3-5-3

  • Perfect for all bulbs:tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths.
  • Rich in bone meal and other natural organics.
  • Provides complete, balanced feeding.
  • In 4 and 20 lb. bags.

Dried Blood 12-0-0

  • Safe source of organic nitrogen.
  • Naturally produces more vigorous plants with richer, greener leaves.
  • A time proven remedy for sickly plants.
  • In 3.5 and 18 lb. bags.

Garden Lime

  • Adjusts the pH of excessively acid soils.
  • Pelletized for easy application.
  • Much safer than hydrated lime.
  • In 5 lb. bags.

Garden Gypsum

  • Pelletized for easy application.
  • Loosens heavy clay soils.
  • Helps cure turf burns from ice-melters
    and pets.
  • In 5 and 38 lbs bags.

Garden-tone® 3-4-4

  • Originally developed for professional gardeners.
  • Provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables.
  • In 4, 8, 20 and 40 lb. bags.

Potash 0-0-60

  • An enriched source of potassium.
  • Promotes plant vigor and disease
    resistance in all flowering plants, shrubs,
    trees and vegetables.
  • In 5 lb. bags.

Greensand 0-0-0.1

  • A mined mineral, rich in the soil conditioning element Glauconite.
  • Contains 6% total potash. 0.1% available immediately.
  • Rich in trace elements.
  • In 10 and 36 lb. bags.

Down to Earth


We are exited to bring you this new line of fertilizers. Come on in and take a look at what they offer. Share the details of your garden with us and we will make sure the right Down to Earth products are here for you.

Down To Earth™ features a complete line of natural and organic fertilizers, soil amendments, composts and potting media. They work with the microorganisms, fungi and organic matter in the soil to feed plants and stimulate growth. Our natural fertilizers are carefully blended from the best sources of organic nutrients in ideal proportions without the use of synthetics, growth stimulants or low quality fillers like poultry waste. You can be confident that you are giving your farm or garden the best product available, whether it’s a multi-purpose blend or a specialized soil amendment.

Many DTE™ fertilizers are approved for use in organic crop production. Please note the “OMRI” and “OIM” logos throughout the website. Certified organic operators are encouraged to check with their organic certifying agent to determine if any given product is acceptable before purchase, application and inclusion in their organic farm plan.







Hi-Yield carries numerous types of soil amendments that are made just for your specific need.

Aluminum Sulfate- Turns hydrangeas blue; helps create an acid soil condition; ideal for use on azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias, and holly.

Ammonium Sulfate-Nitrogen for vigorous dark green color and rapid growth, sulfur to promote hardy plants.

Super Phosphate- Enhances growth and color, strengthens stems and increases blooms.

Agricultural Lime-Neutralizes excess soil acidity; improves soil bacterial actions, helps fertilizer work better; can be used on vegetables, roses, ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawn.

Hydrated Lime- faster acting.

Magnesium Sulphate-epson salt, great on roses, increases vigor and disease resistance, turns hydrangeas white.


NORTHWEST BEST BRAND is specially formulated for our area by Oregon Nurseryman. Not to mention that is is organic based.

Premium Rhody Food-slow release fertilizer for acid lovers like rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, and blueberries.

Premium Plant Food- a fantastic blend for all the plants in your yard. It is a slow release.

Premium Lawn Food

Premium Lawn Food with Moss Control

Premium Winter and Fall Lawn Food








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