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Butterfly Attracting Plants


Click here for printable pdf

Latin Name                Common Name
Ageratum                     Floss Flower
Antirrhinum*               Snapdragons
Cosmos                        Cosmos
Heliotropium               Heliotrope                   
Lantana                       Lantana
Limonium                     Statice
Lunaria                        Money Plant
Marigold                     Marigold
Nicotiana                     Nicotiana
Petunia                                    Petunia
Tithonia                       Mexican Sunflower
Verbena                       Verbena
Zinnia                          Zinnia

















Latin Name                Common Name
Allium                          Chives
Foeniculum                  Fennel
Lavandula                   Lavender
Mentha                                   Mint
Rosmarinus                  Rosemary

Latin Name                Common Name
Abelia                          Glossy Abelia
Calycanthus                 Carolina Allspice
Caryopteris                  Bluebeard
Ceanothus                   California Lilac
Clethra                                    Summersweet 
Ligustrum                    Privet
Lonicera                      Honeysuckle
Sambucus                    Elderberry
Spiraea                                    Spiraea
Syringa                                    Lilac
Vitex                            Chaste Tree













Latin Name                Common Name
Achillea                       Yarrow
Agastache                    Hyssop
Alcea*                         Hollyhock
Allium                          Allium
Anaphalis                    Pearly Everlasting
Anemone                      Windflower    
Asclepias*                   Butterfly Weed
Aster*                          Aster
Baptisia                       Wild Indigo
Catanache                   Cupid’s Dart
Centhranthus               Jupiter’s Beard
Coreopsis                    Coreopsis
Echinacea                    Coneflower
Echinops                      Globe Thistle
Erigeron                      Fleabane
Eupatorium                  Joe Pye Weed
Gaillardia                    Blanket Flower
Helenium                     Sneeze Weed              
Hemerocallis               Daylily
Knautia                                    Knautia
Liatris                          Gayfeather
Lilium                          Lily
Leucanthemum                        Shasta Daisy
Malva*                                    Mallow
Monarda                     Bee Balm
Myosotis                      Forget-Me-Not
Nepeta                         Cat Mint
Phlox                           Summer Phlox
Physostegia                 Obedient Plant
Pyrethrum                    Painted Daisy
Salvia                          Salvia
Scabiosa                      Pincushion Flower
Sedum                          Sedum
Solidago                      Goldenrod
Rudbeckia                    Blacked-Eyed Susan
Verbena                       Verbena
Veronica                      Speedwell
Viola*                          Violets









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Garland Handout:

Butterfly Attracting Plants

December 19, 2009

Butterflies are attracted to gardens that receive at least six hours of warm summer sun.  When planning your butterfly garden incorporate plants for all stages of the butterfly life cycle. Incorporate plants that will provide the larva with a food source and adult butterflies with a nectar source. Plants with an asterisk (*) are important larva food.