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Bird Attracting Plants


Click here for printable pdf

Latin Name                 Common Name
Abies                            Fir
Acer                              Maple
Albizzia                         Silk tree
Alnus                            Alder
Betula                           Birch
Carpinus                       Hornbeam
Cornus                          Dogwood
Craetagus                      Hawthorn
Juniperus                       Juniper
Larix                             Larch
Liquidambar                  Sweetgum
Magnolia                      Magnolia
Malus spp.                     Crabapple
Morus                           Mulberry
Prunus spp.                   Flowering plum
Prunus spp.                   Flowering cherry
Pinus                            Pine
Quercus                         Oak
Sorbus                           European Mt. Ash
Thuja sp.                       Western Red Cedar
Tsuga                            Hemlock

Latin Name                 Common Name
Miscanthus                    Maiden Grass
Panicum                        Switch Grass
Pennisetum                    Fountain Grass
Stipa                             Feather Grass



Latin Name                 Common Name
Arbutus unedo                Strawberry bush
Amelanchier                  Serviceberry
Arctostaphylos               Kinnikinnick
Berberis                        Barberry
Ceanothus                     California Lilac
Chaenomeles                  Flowering Quince
Cornus                          Dogwood
Cotoneaster                   Cotoneaster
Elaegnus                       Silverberry
Ilex                               Holly
Juniperus                       Juniper
Ligustrum                      Privet
Mahonia                       Oregon Grape
Myrica                          Pacific Wax Myrtle
Pyrancantha                  Firethorn
Rhamnus                       Buckthorn
Ribes                            Flowering Currant
Rosa                             Rose
Rubus sp.                      Thimbleberry
Symphoricarpos              Snowberry
Vaccinium                     Huckleberry
Viburnum                      Viburnum






Latin Name                 Common Name
Aster                             Aster
Coreopsis                      Coreopsis
Delphinium                    Delphinium
Digitalis                        Foxglove
Echinacea                     Purple Coneflower
Echinops                       Globe Thistle
Erigeron sp.                   Fleabane
Eupatorium                   Joe-pye Weed
Gaillardia sp.                Blanket Flower
Leucanthemum               Shasta Daisy
Oenothera sp.                Evening Primrose
Penstemon                     Beard Tongue
Phlox                            Phlox
Rudbeckia hirta              Gloriosa Daisy

Latin Name                 Common Name          
Consolida                      Larkspur
Helianthus                     Sunflower
Mirabilis                       Four O’Clocks
Nigella                          Love-in-a-Mist
Tagetes                         Marigolds
Zinnia                           Zinnia

Latin Name                 Common Name
Ampelopsis sp.               Porcelain berry
Celastrus sp.                  Bittersweet
Clematis sp.                   Clematis
Parthenocissus sp.          Virginia Creeper
Vitis sp.                         Purpleleaf Grape








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Garland Handout:

Bird Attracting Plants

Consider the bird’s needs. Birds need a place to rest, feed, hide, and sing. They like tall trees and low flowers. Their food consists of seeds, berries, and fruit. Keep in mind that many of the trees and shrubs in our landscape are deciduous. You can increase cover and winter shelter by planting more broadleaf evergreens and conifers.