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Halfway between Albany and Corvallis

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Control Products



Be in Control of Your Garden

Think preventive.  There are many ways to control diseases and pests problems before they happen.
Garland Nursery's Garden Supplies department has many great natural, organic, and conventional products to help to prevent and protect your plants from diseases and pests, and rid you lawn of moss and weeds.
Don't know what you should be doing now to grow a healthy garden?  Here are some tips on what do do in the garden this month.


If you don't know what is harming your plant visit any one of our stores to speak to one of our plant specialist.  We'll help you determine how you can best help your plants restore their health and vigor.

Sluggo Organic Slug Bait

Sluggo controls snails and slugs and will not harm pets or wildlife.

What's Eating My Plants?

Here is a quick list of the most popular and common culprits and a list of solutions or deterrents we have found to be most effective.

Organic Rose Care Solutions

Looking for an organic solution for your roses? Here are a few great solutions.





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